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Stop Being Sexually Lazy!!!

14.01.2015 in Sex Arsenal Blog

Have you ever heard of a pillow princess?  Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that your lover was being lazy, possibly pumping away for a whole minute?  Are you the person lying on your back enjoying the ride all the time…

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new year

Making Sexual Goals for the New Year

06.01.2015 in Sex Arsenal Blog

It’s the new year!  And with the new year, comes new changes and new sexual goals!  This is the time to seriously consider what you want for your sexual life and how you can achieve the goals that you want for yourself.  It’s about discovering…

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sexual ethics

How To Approach Your Sexual Ethics

12.12.2014 in Sex Arsenal Blog

A lot of the times, people neglect sexual conversation, especially when it comes to their health.  Ideally, it is necessary to have that conversation with yourself and whomever you have sex with.  These ideals should be rooted in sexual ethics.  Generally, ethics are a set…

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Maintaining Proper Breast Health

27.11.2014 in Sex Arsenal Blog

Even though Breast Cancer Awareness Month has passed, you should always be aware of breast and chest health, whether you’re a woman or not.  There has been plenty of money that has raised to cure the cancer, but there hasn’t been a lot of information…

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The Power of Pet Names

20.11.2014 in Sex Arsenal Blog

I never really thought about this before, but recently, I started thinking about all the nicknames that I’ve been given over time.  From Marls to Marley to Marly Marl to Mar – all these names are always unique to the individuals who have given them…

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Being Sexually Thankful…

13.11.2014 in Sex Arsenal Blog

Is it me or do these Christmas decorations start earlier and earlier every year!?  The day after Halloween, Christmas decorations went right on up and I was thinking, “What happened to Thanksgiving?  Did it pass already?  Where was I when this happened?”  Lo and behold,…

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DNA Might Be TMI

28.10.2014 in Sex Arsenal Blog

I have a confession.  I absolutely love The Maury Show.  Even their hashtag “#youknowyouwatchmaury” cracks me up.  All the paternity tests and the drama where people are falling on the floor or in shock because of someone else’s secret is like talk show gold.  My…

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Do You Have Sexual Stigma?

23.10.2014 in Sex Arsenal Blog

After the addiction discussion, I got an email from a woman who told me that there wasn’t such thing as sex addiction.  But as we exchanged emails, I realized that she was battling with sexual stigma – not addiction – which is why she attributed…

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Open Up!

15.10.2014 in Sex Arsenal Blog

I bet you were thinking that I was going to talk about polyamory, but I’m not.  I’m actually going to tell you about intimacy.  It’s been interesting over these past 2 months because I’ve been having more and more clients who are having issues opening…

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Are You A Sex Addict?

09.10.2014 in Sex Arsenal Blog

Like with any addiction, sex addiction can be detrimental to your health.  Understanding sex addiction should be a priority if you feel like you’re having sex “too much.”  If you are missing appointments, prioritizing sex over other important events and it feels like it’s taking…

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