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Your 2017 New Year Sexual Resolutions

07.01.2017 in Sex Arsenal Blog

It’s a brand new year and you know what that means!  That means it’s time to recharge our sexual selves so that we can manifest all the things we want in the world.  Feeding our sexual energy is vital to our self-improvement and well-being, so…

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How to Be Sexy & (Voluntarily) Celibate

04.06.2015 in Sex Arsenal Blog

I know what you’re thinking… You’re thinking, “Marla!  What has gotten into you?  You?  Celibate?  On purpose?” And the answer is “Yes.” “But you teach about how to have better sex and better orgasms.  Why would you even promote celibacy in your lustful world?” And…

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Reclaim Your Sexual Identity!

29.04.2015 in Sex Arsenal Blog

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” – Children’s Taunt   When it comes to sexual identities, there are so many to name and so many to choose from.  Depending on your evolution of self, you can figure out…

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Being Intersexy!

01.04.2015 in Sex Arsenal Blog

As a sexologist and sex educator, sometimes I think we engage in shortcuts – especially when it comes to the LGBT community. This “alphabet” community actually includes a ton of letters. In fact, the more comprehensive list would look more like this: LGBTQIAQA (or any…

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Moving Past Your Sexual Fear

11.03.2015 in Sex Arsenal Blog

Do you have a fear that you need to address in your sexual life? Is there something that you haven’t said to a lover or partner and waiting for the right time to bring it up, but that time never comes? Whether you realize it…

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