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5 Random Sex Hacks

18 Feb 2015, by Marla Stewart in Sex Arsenal Blog

1) Pillow Princess – This is a simple hack if you’re having sex in the bedroom and ready to go down on your girl. You want your princess (or queen) to be as comfortable as possible when she’s achieving an orgasm because the more relaxed she is, the better she will be able to achieve an awesome orgasm. When you’re getting ready to perform oral sex on a woman and you’re on your bed, put a pillow or two underneath her butt to lift her pelvis towards your mouth. Not only will she be able to relax more and enjoy the pleasure that you’re giving her, but it will help your neck from being too strained, especially if she wants you to be there for awhile.

2) Get Your Orgasm! – We all know that your brain is the biggest sex orgasm that you have, but a lot of us don’t know how to train our brains. A lot of us have become a little dependent on pornography to help us get turned on and achieve orgasm, but there’s a better use for porn. Instead of depending on it every day, look to porn only once in a while. When you go to porn every once in a while, it helps when you’re in a sexual situation and it’s taking you long to have that orgasm that you want. For instance, if you’re getting oral sex and it’s been taking quite awhile and you feel your partner getting tired, think about those clips that you watch every once in awhile. Although this bypasses your feeling of a possible whole-body orgasm, it does help you to get an orgasm that’s achievable and get it in real time and in a possible hurry. And this works great for quickies too!

3) Test Your Monogamy Level (or How To Be Monogamish) – Many of us believe in hot, monogamous relationships and many of us believe in multiple sexual and/or emotional relationships. However, a lot of people tell you that you can’t have both; but the reality is that you can have both of these things. Although, it’s a form of non-monogamy, being monogamish has all the benefits of being monogamous with the openness and excitement of being with other people. To test your monogamous limits, first you need to talk to your partner about the possibility of being with another person to see if your partner is open. Whether if your partner is open or not open, you can also ask your partner if they are open to going to a local sex club or to a local sex party. Going to a place where there’s open sex around might influence you in one way or another and even at the local sex party, you can discuss some rules while you are there. Coming up with “what if” situations might help to diffuse any tensions between you and your partner and potential sexual partners. In the meantime, you can enjoy each other while you’re there and let those moments sit with you. Overall, opening up the dialogue about potential sexual partners within your monogamous relationship might just spark that LTR sexual slump!

4) Apple Cider Vinegar, Anyone? – Having a healthy vagina is a necessary part of your overall well-being (that is if you have one, of course). Our vaginas tend to fluctuate in the amount of bad and good bacteria that we have, and the more acidic food that we intake, the more acidic our vaginas. The vagina is a naturally acidic environment, so eating alkaline foods are best for the vagina. But sometimes, we don’t eat the best foods for us or don’t properly check our diet to see if the food we eat is alkaline. However, there are some fluids that you can put in your vagina that will help with the balance of the bacteria. If you’re having unprotected sex with men who are free of sexually transmitted diseases, semen is alkaline and balances well in the vagina (unless you’re allergic to it, of course). However, if you’re not having unprotected sex with men, there are some practical ways to avoid the vagina from being too acidic. You can take a bath with sea salt or even dilute some apple cider vinegar and douche with it. You should only do this if you feel your vagina is starting to feel “off” (in other words, starts to smell different or becomes yeasty or itchy). These methods will help to get your vagina back into play and ready for the next journey!

5) Spank Your Mark! – Playing with toys can cost you a lot of money. Some of the best whips and paddles can be hundreds of dollars and if you don’t have that kind of money readily available for spending on products, it’s best to try to find some household products that can strike your fancy (literally!). Most people use wooden spatulas or spoons to use as a great striking instrument, but if you want to take it a step further and you have an extra $10 in your pocket, you can purchase the most basic ping pong rackets and make your own custom-signature paddle! Simply print out the mirror image of what you want your mark to look like (no bigger than a 3”x3” square), cut out the outline, trace it on your paddle and then proceed to carve in the paddle with a box cutter or something similar. And then “voila!” You have a brand new paddle with your personal mark, ready for high energy spankings and up close photos for proof!