Velvet Lips | 2015 January
Velvet Lips is one of Atlanta’s first sex-positive sex education venues offering classes and workshops using Somatic Sex Education and other techniques to foster personal discovery, open dialogue, and increase sexual awareness.

January 2015

The Various Smells of Pussy…

28.01.2015 in Sexual Voyaging

Last weekend, I ventured to a sex club to check out a new party and see the new scene.  When I entered, there were tons of people there, mostly socializing and sizing up the scene.  I found my bestie in another room watching a few…

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Stop Being Sexually Lazy!!!

14.01.2015 in Sex Arsenal Blog

Have you ever heard of a pillow princess?  Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that your lover was being lazy, possibly pumping away for a whole minute?  Are you the person lying on your back enjoying the ride all the time…

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new year

Making Sexual Goals for the New Year

06.01.2015 in Sex Arsenal Blog

It’s the new year!  And with the new year, comes new changes and new sexual goals!  This is the time to seriously consider what you want for your sexual life and how you can achieve the goals that you want for yourself.  It’s about discovering…

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