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Velvet Lips is one of Atlanta’s first sex-positive sex education venues offering classes and workshops using Somatic Sex Education and other techniques to foster personal discovery, open dialogue, and increase sexual awareness.


Lust Teas

~All tea is organic~​
Includes 6 tea bags​ and flat fee shipping within Metropolitan Atlanta. Additional charges may apply for out-of-state/out-of country.
Add 2oz Zinged Honey for an extra jump!​

tea jar


Purple Velvet

This Hibiscus Lavender Tea is specially designed to jumpstart your planned seduction, whether it’s with yourself or someone else. If you’re feeling the love, this tea helps you to project it even further.

Relax with this...
Price(USD): $15.00
Purple Velvet:


Scarlet Seduction

From the moment you sip this tea, it will have you ​running to the bedroom (or wherever!).

The sudden ​blood rush to your genitals will help you to get in the mood quickly! ​
Get the blood going...
Price(USD): $15.00
Scarlet Seduction:

Embody Erotic

This tea helps you to bring your sexy back two-fold. If you’ve been having a hard time embracing your ​own sexiness, this concoction helps you to not only ​feel good about yourself, it allows your inner sexy to ​step up and project enticing pheromones​ that attract ​others instantly.

Get more confidence with this one...
Price(USD): $20.00
Embody Erotic:

Up Up*

This Lust Tea​​​​​​​ is made for you if you’re having a hard ​time getting horny or “getting up.” This tea helps you to get past psychological or medical barriers (we ​suggest accompanying this with Yoni or Lingam Work ​or personal coaching) and safely connect to your genitals.
*Not suggested for people who have heart problems.​

Get it up and get it on!
Price(USD): $25.00
Up Up!:

Other Products


Custom-made Pasties

Have you ever thought about jazzing up your sex life with something new and different?  Or maybe you have a costume party that you where you want to impress people?  These custom-made pasties are absolutely fantastic for whatever you want.  You indicate what you want and because they are original designs, there won’t be others like it!

Get flashy!
Price(USD): $20.00