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Sex According to the Basic Emotions

06.03.2018 in Sex Arsenal Blog

I don’t know if you’re a fan of the Black Mirror series (on Netflix), but if you aren’t, you should be!  The series is absolutely fantastic and reads a lot of social commentary about what the future might hold for us as human beings.  Most…

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Feb 24 2018 WEB

Simple Sex Club Etiquette

23.02.2018 in Sex Arsenal Blog

I’ve been to many, many, sex clubs and they all have their own little unique quirks.  Every single one of them are fun in their own way.  Some of have dungeons, some have private and group sex rooms, and some have pools, hot tubs, and…

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To Consent…Or Nah…

08.02.2018 in Sex Arsenal Blog

Last week I was interviewed by YES! Magazine, a magazine dedicated to various aspects of social justice, the interviewer told me that I told them something different than any other person has said before when it concerns consent. Right now, we see and we know…

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It’s Cuffing Season! (Literally!)

16.11.2017 in Sex Arsenal Blog

As we continue through cuffing season, we know that single folks are steadily trying to figure out who they can cuddle up with for the winter and the couples (or more) are trying to figure out new kinky moves to foster that creative sexual spark! …

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Are You Entitled to a Black Woman’s Body?

25.09.2017 in Sex Arsenal Blog

Entitled: believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment As I sit here in Washington DC for the Black Reproductive Justice Summit (#BlackRJSummit17), I’ve realized a lot of things when it comes to Black women’s bodies and it’s reflective of the things…

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Women! Stop Waiting for Your Orgasms!

15.09.2017 in Sex Arsenal Blog

Generally, about 80% of women do not have orgasms through penetrative sex.  So what does this mean? Logically, it means, women need to have other kinds of sex besides penetration.  Penetration can be fun, and it can even lead to orgasm, but for the most…