Velvet Lips | 4 Ways To Enjoy Your Single Life in Cold Weather
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4 Ways To Enjoy Your Single Life in Cold Weather

25 Feb 2015, by Marla Stewart in Sex Arsenal Blog

As a serial relationship person, my single life tends to last for about less than a year.  My last relationship ended in the Fall, right before the cold season and if you know me, I’m not a huge fan of the cold season.  Combining the cold season with heartbreak has been difficult, but I’ve been able to manage my sanity in a few ways.  Fortunately, I’ve had wonderful opportunities snuggling with friends and having an occasional hook-up that has kept me warm. 😉

However, I realize that not everyone has these opportunities when they’re single.  Especially since some people get affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder, the depression can be daunting on particular individuals who don’t get enough warmth and sunlight during these cold winters.

In any case, here are a few tips to stay warm when you have those lonely days and nights:

  • Cuddle! Find a friend that you’re comfortable with and ask them to cuddle with you.  If you don’t have any friends that you would like to cuddle with, you can join a local cuddling Meetup or hire a professional cuddler to come and help you out.  Here in Atlanta, we have a handful of professional cuddlers, so take your pick!
  • Plan a daycay! Find a day in your schedule and plan a little daytime vacation break.  Currently, I’m planning on taking a Saturday and going dow to the beach to take some time for myself in the sun (apparently, it’s still warm in Florida).  Even going to a spa or sauna will help warm your spirits on cold, winter day.
  • Cruise hook-up sites next to a fireplace or heater! Sometimes, there’s nothing better than scanning people’s profiles on your favorite (or new!) dating site and letting your imagination wonder.  I, personally, love to go through people’s profiles who make me laugh.  I’m not particularly witty myself, so it’s quite enjoyable when I have those “laugh out loud” moments.  However, this helps with 2 things: 1) boredom and 2) healing laughter.  And the bonus comes when you actually make a connection!
  • Get out! (or Stay in!) Hanging out with friends can be the best during these cold moments.  Having a little get-together at the house or going bar-hopping with your friends can be very good for your emotional well-being.  Besides getting some free therapy from your friends (or maybe that’s just me?), it’s really great to have someone or some folks outside of yourself to lift your spirit.

With all this cold weather, I’ve been doing a lot of these things multiple times and it’s really helped me a lot.  It’s helped me a lot with my loneliness, my heartbreak and overall feeling gloomy because of this weather.  Because I have been doing these things, I’ve been able to strengthen my friendships, find time for myself, and entertain myself most of these cold weather days.

So what are you doing these days when it’s cold (and your single?)

Cheers to your sexual success!