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What’s Your Sexual Appetite?

03.10.2018 in Sex Arsenal Blog

Last week, when Jet Setting Jasmine and I were talking about Religious Trauma in our Guilty Pleasures Support Group, as it pertains to shame and guilt around certain sexual behaviors and identities, Jasmine talked about navigating your sexual appetite and what that looks like.  In…

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Expect the Unexpected

29.08.2018 in Sex Arsenal Blog

Have you ever been in a situation where you were surprised by something someone said or something someone did?  How did it make you feel? In my line of work, I’m always surprised by something someone said or by something someone did; whether it’s a…

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Avoiding Love Bombs!

07.08.2018 in Sex Arsenal Blog

A lot of my students know that one of my guilty pleasures is watching Dr. Phil.  Most of my friends roll their eyes at me whenever I mention him, but there’s nothing like watching these people sort out their issues with that big guy.  As…

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3 Strikes & You’re Out?

27.06.2018 in Sex Arsenal Blog

This past weekend, I had a full workshop about Queering Your Sex Skills at the Southern Fried Queer Pride festival and it was absolutely great!  I had a cute, young couple, one woman and one man who were in a monogamous relationship who had tried…

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The Choices You Make For Your Sex Life

05.06.2018 in Sex Arsenal Blog

We make choices every single day.  We make choices about our health habits, our work life, our family life, our social fabric, and in our sexual lives. I was inspired by this article that talked about how this husband made a spreadsheet about all the…

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3 May Masturbation Tips!

29.05.2018 in Sex Arsenal Blog

For those of you who have been in the loop, you know that May is Masturbation month!  Although we are on the tail end of it, there’s still some days that you can come and take advantage of some helpful masturbation tips that can rock…

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3 Amazing Period Sex Hacks!

27.03.2018 in Sex Arsenal Blog

I don’t know about you, but I’m always trying to find a shortcut to some things and one of those, of course, is definitely around sex.  When I’m teaching my classes, I always try to give away a few of my sex hacks and I…

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