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Velvet Lips is one of Atlanta’s first sex-positive sex education venues offering classes and workshops using Somatic Sex Education and other techniques to foster personal discovery, open dialogue, and increase sexual awareness.

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Are You Sexually Intelligent?

31.07.2019 in Sex Arsenal Blog

I was scrolling through my blogging feed when I came across an article about what socially intelligent people do and how they act and behave.  I started to think about what sexually intelligent people do and how people get to attain their sexual prowess and…

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Laughter is Sexy & Healthy

02.07.2019 in Sex Arsenal Blog

When I laugh, it’s known.  It’s known down the block, at the end of the hallway, or anywhere where I’m in vocal range.  You see, I have a very boisterous laugh.  It’s loud.  My mouth is always wide open.  People tell me that they know…

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Be #Open!

15.05.2019 in Sex Arsenal Blog

In the sex educator’s world, we often tell folks to be open to new possibilities that may occur.  Our incredible abilities to be open to being exploratory and learning new things allows us to open our minds and seek things and identities that encompass us…

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Make Your Own Porn!

21.03.2019 in Sex Arsenal Blog

After I spoke at the Frost Science Museum in Miami about the Science of Seduction, I had all sorts of people coming up to me asking me different questions.  There was this beautiful, young couple who approached me about watching porn.  The young woman didn’t…

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What Are Your Life (& Sexual Values)?

06.03.2019 in Sex Arsenal Blog

Life values are important. Wait, let me say that again.  LIFE VALUES ARE IMPORTANT. When it comes to pursuing a serious relationship with someone, you need to have the same values.  I tell this all the time to my clients and for some reason, it…

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After Meeting Someone Online – Part II

27.02.2019 in Sex Arsenal Blog

So now you’re ready to meet in person after you’ve been exchanging messages and you’re excited to meet your new potential boo.  You have all the hormones running through your system and the new relationship energy is just flowing through you, ready to be released…

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After Meeting Someone Online – Part I

21.02.2019 in Sex Arsenal Blog

I was recently listening to a TEDx talk (like I do a lot), and there was a speaker speaking about the psychology of seduction.  One thing that particularly piqued my interest was the fact that he said that a lot of the seduction and courtship…

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Love Is An Action

13.02.2019 in Sex Arsenal Blog

A lot of us go around in this world thinking about how we love the folks that surround us and support us.  We especially think about love and how it pertains to our relationships, whether they are platonic or romantic.  Some of us even think…

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