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The Loft – By Danalysis

25 Aug 2014, by Marla Stewart in Sexual Voyaging

I recently visited The Loft in Atlanta, a Swing Lifestyle/BDSM Club located in Midtown. Funny… I did not see you there!
The owners of The Loft have done a great job of marketing the club’s wide array of events on various websites (including Fetlife) and there is always a list of upcoming parties and events are listed. There are so many different flavors of parties to choose from, including everything from straight swinger parties to bisexual/crossdresser/transgender parties. As a people watcher, I thought that the BBC and Cougar Night Parties would be the most interesting.

As I stated before, the club is located in Midtown Atlanta, and was quite easy to find. But while getting there was simple, the parking situation needs improvement. It took some time to find parking on a back street, but no one bothered me or my car either of the times I visited.

To gain admission to The Loft, you must purchase a membership, which is $10 per year per couple or single male. After the membership fee, you must pay for the event itself. I chose not to go alone, as the admission for a single man can range from $40 to $60 per event. However, it is much more affordable for couples, usually between $15 and $20, and single women are often free.

As you walk in to The Loft, the first thing you see inside is a very nice bar area. The bar is BYOB, so bring your own and they provide cups and ice. Besides, being your own bartender is fun in itself! There was a flat screen tv with porn playing behind the bar and we had a very sexy lady helping with the drink set ups. She also ended up helping other things as well!

Across from the bar area is a nice sized stage with another big screen tv playing porn. On this evening, no one was using the stage, but it looks just right for a sexy show! You can choose how to use the stage – the sky is the limit!

Beside the stage area was a cozy little couch area, with a coffee table and a stripper pole built into it. It was wonderful to see some nice erotic dancing while relaxing on the leather couches. This was my favorite spot to people watch! In fact, I got to watch an attractive young couple who were confused and thought it was swinger night.

You can imagine their faces when a lovely transwoman did a sexy strip tease on the stripper pole, and her “pole” came out to play!

Off of the main room, there was a smaller room with BDSM equipment standing ready for fun with your slaves! There was also a door leading to an outdoor smoking area that would be a very nice place to have a cigar party. I would love to see them install more seating out there to accommodate a larger crowd.

Finally, we went upstairs to the loft area. There is an open area with some beds to play on, and private rooms with doors to have private play time. However, even in the private rooms you can invite people to watch over the walls if you enjoy being watched!

Overall, The Loft was a fun play space, with friendly and helpful staff. The night we were there was not crowded, and we met some very nice people. To best enjoy The Loft, I recommend bringing some kinky friends with you, and take a look at all the facility has to offer. You and your friends will never forget it!


-by Danalysis


  • Nemiah glover Reply

    Yes l’ve been online alot recently trying to gain as most knowledge about bi swingers clubs and the events. I’m from nebraska and me and my kids mother just recently decided we wanted to swing the bi way and here in Nebraska it isn’t something u see or have s club of its own in that lifestyle.I see that the closest nearby club is in Kansas City but we’re planning a trip for my birthday for Atlanta and this club seems the kinkiest and with us there’s no limits so IF U CAN I JUST WANTED A LIL MORE INSIGHT ON HOW IT OPERATES AND WHAT WILL THIS CLUB BE HOSTING ON MAY 6 AS WELL AS ON THE 5TH WHICH FALLS ON A FRIDAY?DRESS CODE ADMITTANCE FEE AND WHAT TO EXPECT AS FIRST TIMERS. I TRUELY THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND HELP

  • Kaila Thompson Reply

    I’m a gay crossdresser looking for places in Atlanta to enjoy myself at??

    • You should check out The Loft or maybe even visit Lips Atlanta. Depending on if you identify as trans* or not highly depends on what kind of establishment you are looking to enjoy yourself at. Otherwise, any gay/queer establishment would be fine.

  • Terry Reply

    How do i findthis place

    • You can find the loft’s location by googling or going to

  • i wanna join

  • I’m looking for a nice female that wants to go to the loft