Velvet Lips | Stilettos and Curves Mix Mingle and Party – Pre Valentine’s Day Event
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Stilettos and Curves Mix Mingle and Party – Pre Valentine’s Day Event

13 Feb 2014, by Marla Stewart in Sexual Voyaging

After 2 days of ice captivity , the roads were just clear enough to make it to the Stilettos and Curves Pre-Valentine’s Day Mix and Mingle at Bar One Tapas Lounge. Yes, the lounge is owned by Peter, Cynthia’s husband from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. No, he was not there. But there is a larger than life photo of Mrs. Bailey positioned a few steps past the entrance and I’m counting that as my 2nd celebrity siting in 2014.

Tammy D, a plus size model and Diva 4 Life Entertainment owner, partnered with Cream of the Crop Dating Boutique met to bring an alternative environment for Atlanta singles to mingle with women of all sizes. The event kicked off nicely; the first 25 women to arrive received a gift bag with chocolate hearts, lip gloss and shimmery, purple nail polish. There were plenty of drink/tapas specials, none of which I indulged in, since I was starving myself to leave room for the infinite amount of food and libations I planned to toss back on Cupid’s Day.

It didn’t take much time for me to fall in love with DJ Knott. He played every baby making song from the mid nineties to Drunk in Love. As I shimmied against the brick wall with my glass of lime water, I took them all in. One woman seductively danced with herself in the mirror while a group of men stared at her and switched their eyes from her hips to her reflection…the lady with the plus-hour glass shape who let her shoulders and breast do all the dancing…and the man shuffling back and forth from the bar with bottles of water and cocktails for his date. I love body positive events like this. These women were not spectacles or the soul of someone’s fetish. They were partying and being honored and admired for just being themselves. Sexy.

I barely told Tammy D bye at the end of the night. She was slow dancing to a fast song with a tall chocolate man. I gave her a fast hug and went home with my chocolate hearts.

Stilettos and Curves will be hosting a Scandal’s event at Bar One on March 6th, I’ll be there, come and say hello.

Your Vixen Voyager, Tia​​