Velvet Lips | My Visit to the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami
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My Visit to the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami

17 Jan 2018, by Marla Stewart in Sexual Voyaging

If Tia and I could have our TV show, it most likely would be us traveling the world showcasing all the various sexual content that people have created over the years.20180116_195159

We’re not the only ones fascinated by erotic art and amazement, and the fact that there’s sex museums all over the world is a clear indicator that there will always be a need for folks to embrace all sorts of sexual things.

As some of you know, I want to expand my reach to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, so I’ve been doing some slight scouting and trying to network with other sexuality educators in the area.  I’m still unsure if there is anyone out here that is doing what I’m doing, but it’s worth looking into!  You know I love a good collaborator!

Unbeknownst to me, there is a World Erotic Art Museum located in Miami Beach!  My girlfriend took me out there to check it out and I must say, it really had some unique pieces of art!

There were some really old pieces of art, as well as contemporary art, so the range of art was quite eclectic.  I’ve been to the two museums in Amsterdam, as well as the Museum of Sex in New York, and honestly, this one probably had the most vulvas.  With any museum, you always see penises outnumbering vulvas like crazy, so it was great to see a decent amount of them at WEAM.  It totally made me have the idea of opening up a museum with all vulvas and vulva art.  (Anyone out there listening?)

We spent a good two hours in there, but I’m sure that you could take a little longer in there, if you wish.

20180116_195516By far, my favorite piece of artwork was the sculpture with all the various types of vulvas.  Whenever I’m trying to explain the different types of vulvas for my pussy pleasing workshop, some folks don’t really know what I’m talking about because they probably have never had that much experience with various types of vulvas and clitoris sizes.  If I had this piece, I could totally just point it out!

As social media goes, I’m unable to post the sexy and erotic pics, but luckily for you, I can share them via my Google Drive!  You can check them out HERE!

And remember, whenever you’re traveling, see if they have an erotic art or a sex museum!  You just might get lucky!

Cheers to your sexual success!