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My Paradise Valley Adventure

18 Jun 2015, by Marla Stewart in Sexual Voyaging

Even though I’ve been in Georgia for quite a long time, I had never been to Paradise Valley, a clothing-optional resort 1 hour north of Atlanta.  My BFF, Coco, and I headed to the Valley last Saturday to meet up with some of The Sex Scholars.  She had been there more than a few times, so she gave me a tour of the whole place.

There was everything from property that you could purchase to little huts you could rent out to a motel to stay the night in.  They had 3 different pools and a couple of bars to purchase drinks.

There were a lot of people there; not too much where you can’t move, but good enough to be social and have some space in the pool to relax in.  It was a really hot day and I desperately needed some shade.  I was also dehydrated from the night before, so I took the first half of the day to rehydrate and get acclimated to the scene.  My BFF had already seen people she knew, so she started chatting with them and getting to know some of the other patrons.

I decided to get out of the pool (they’re saltwater!) and get in a chair in some shade and catch up on my book (Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle).  However, as soon as I did that, people started coming up to me and talking to me about what it’s like to be there.  Soon enough, I knew I was ready for a drink, so Coco and I headed to the bar for some drinks.

After a couple of drinks, we met up with more and more people who kept introducing themselves to us.  For whatever reason, we attracted a lot of attention and once they found out that I teach about sex, it was a wrap.  Of course, I got all sorts of inquiries and we even met some new fun friends who bought us a ton of drinks.

As the drinks flowed, the easier it was getting to know people and we had about 10 instant friends who we are still keeping in touch with!

There were so many things going on (they had a whole day agenda!) that we almost missed our complimentary dinner!  We had a wide range of food to choose from and we gorged out and soaked up a lot of that alcohol that we had ingested.  We thought about heading to their dance party and late night breakfast, but the sun had definitely drained us.

Overall, we had a blast and I highly recommend you going to Paradise Valley.  They let you in free for the first time, so don’t be shy to discover a new kind of lifestyle!

Once you get naked with a stranger, it can only get better from there!

  • Benny Hayes Reply

    Hi, Marla, Adina and I have been going a few times yearly since 2016. Really enjoyable. In case you haven’t been aware, they opened up the Level Three Lounge in September. It has one or two large bars, and multiple playrooms. The lounge is only open Friday and Saturday nights, usually at 9 pm, when there is a dance. Maybe we will see you there. We are the white boy/black girl couple. Take care.