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My First Yoni Steaming

01 Nov 2014, by Marla Stewart in Sexual Voyaging

Before I arrived at the house, I really didn’t know what to expect from a yoni steaming.  I’ve researched them before, but never had I actually had one, so I was really excited to get this done and take in this whole new experience.  There’s a Korean spa here in Atlanta that does vaginal steaming, but I haven’t had the chance to do it, so this was the perfect timing.

I arrived early to the event, which was in a beautiful home in East Point.  I helped Ashia (my friend and lash expert) with the preparations for the steaming over some amazing wine.  It was really nice to bond with her and get to know her a little bit better.  We talked about our businesses, our lives and her expectations for this private yoni party.

As guests arrived, I got to meet them one by one and introduce myself briefly. After we all got something to eat, we sat around in a circle and talked about the different herbs that would be part of our yoni steaming experience.  Ashia explained the benefits of having the steaming and she gave us a breadpan where we would be putting our herbs.  As we circled the table full of herbs, she read through each herbs benefits and if we wanted to put that into our pans, we would just willfully take a scoop and put it in.  After we finished scooping all the herbs that we needed, Ashia poured steaming hot water over the pans and we were instructed to sit on them in a certain way.

This part was intense.  Not necessarily because of the stress on my knees, but the pure act of connecting and reciting positive affirmations with other new sisters while having our vaginas steamed at the same time was extraordinary.  Truly a unique and incredible experience.

Afterwards, Ashia offered to also do a yoni smoking where she used charcoal and burned frankincense.  A lot of us agreed to continue to the smoking and that was amazing as well.  The room filled with smoke and again, it was a pretty interesting experience.  We all bonded over our ideas, sharing what we knew about holistic and natural remedies for our bodies and learning more and more information.

Between all the wine and information, Ashia and I decided that we should collaborate and bring our two worlds together!  With that said, we will be having an event in January called Sip & Steam – a combination of yoni steaming and tasting aphrodisiac wines, so be on the lookout for that event!

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