Velvet Lips | My experience at the Center for Sex & Culture…And Beyond…
Velvet Lips is one of Atlanta’s first sex-positive sex education venues offering classes and workshops using Somatic Sex Education and other techniques to foster personal discovery, open dialogue, and increase sexual awareness.


My experience at the Center for Sex & Culture…And Beyond…

21 Aug 2014, by Marla Stewart in Sexual Voyaging

I was so excited to be invited to teach a workshop at the Center for Sex & Culture by Dr. Carol Queen.  In addition, her and her people chose my striptease workshop (The Movement of Your Erotic Thoughts – A Performance!), which I was delighted to do because I haven’t done it in awhile.

The center is all volunteer-run and Carol and her partner have been maintaining the center since 2001.

When I entered the center, I was greeted by Marsha who had just finished her workshop about managing your multiple relationships at Burning Man and I got to connect to her for a second.  As we finished up talking, I walked all around the center and got to explore every little nook and cranny and adore all the wonderful books!  There was fascinating art all on the walls and in between the book cases.  I got to sit in this amazing queen’s chair and chaise and relaxed a bit before my workshop began.

As I plugged in my music which filled the whole place with sexiness, Carol had sent a volunteer for me, named Kim Stevens.  Kim is just getting started on her sexuality journey with movement and has lots of great ideas.  She’s also an academician and I’m really looking forward to her conducting her own workshops with movement.  We discussed our ideas and methods and it was great bouncing ideas back and forth with her.

If you’re ever in San Francisco, go and check out the Center for Sex & Culture.  It’s truly a classic in the sexual health community and it’s fantastic that it’s been maintained for this long.

The following day, I met with Dr. Carol Queen for breakfast and I must say that I was in complete adoration.  She’s super friendly and has lent her hand out for me as I continue my own education and journey and teaching.  She had just come from the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit where she lectured about how we really need more research about sexuality.  Afterward, I interviewed her briefly, which you can check out on the podcast!  Check out the pics below from the center!