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Bringing Love, Peace, & Hope in Your Sexual Relationships

03 Feb 2017, by Marla Stewart in Sex Arsenal Blog

In the last blog, I talked about bringing love, peace, and hope in your relationships and it totally provoked me to do one about sexual relationships.  I’m in a great space to talk about this right now, because I just had a really great sexual encounter.  As you probably know, our experiences shape our lessons in life and having that great sexual encounter is really helping me to think about my past and frame this blog for you today.

In the last blog, I talk about creating love.  Being in a steady sexual relationship can create love between folks; I think we all know that.  However, with the love component in a sexual relationship, I was thinking more about embracing the love of ourselves and our bodies.  When you love yourself being in your body, there’s an air of confidence that exudes from you.  People around you see it, love it, and may be even intimidated by it.  The love you have for yourself is a light that can be controlled by you and you, only, so practicing self-care is a must.  Once you have embodied that love, then it’s more than possible to experience a sense of peace.

A sense of peace can come in many different forms.  Some folks experience a sense of peace when they are engaging in Tantra.  Some folks experience peace through orgasm.  Some folks experience peace after sex.  Think about the ways that you experience peace when you have a sexual relationship with someone.  Think about the ways that you could be experiencing peace in sexual relationships.  Peace in your sexual relationship makes your sex life better.  For instance, if you walk away from a sexual situation/relationship and you feel like there’s something missing, you don’t have a sense of peace because you’ll be thinking about your own satisfaction.  Providing communication and direction with love will help you to attain that peace that you seek.  If this is the case, it can also create hope for the future (if you think the potential is there).

Hope is always needed in sexual relationships.  Because of hope, we can sit back and think about the ways that our sex lives can be better.  With hope in our sexual relationships, we can come to our partner(s) and show/tell them what pleases us and how to achieve the things that need to be achieved during sex.  Hope is what keeps our sexual relationships alive.  Hope is where we keep our ideals and how to achieve those ideals in our sexual relationships.

With that said, embodying love, having a sense of peace, and engaging in hope in your sexual relationships is necessary.  It’s revolutionary, really.  All of these things create pleasure in our lives and having pleasure in your life is a revolutionary act.

So let’s be revoluationaries!!!!

Cheers to your sexual success!