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Velvet Lips is one of Atlanta’s first sex-positive sex education venues offering classes and workshops using Somatic Sex Education and other techniques to foster personal discovery, open dialogue, and increase sexual awareness.

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My First Frolic(on)!

09.04.2015 in Sexual Voyaging

Saturday was the day. Who knew that Saturday would change the course of my life forever? It was my first Frolicon adventure (one of the largest kinkiest cons in the nation) and I was ready to enjoy every single moment of it. My BFF, Coco,…

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My first visit to Frolicon 2014 By Danalysis

20.04.2014 in Sexual Voyaging

If it is true that life is what you make of it, then the creators of Frolicon, an Atlanta convention for the sexually adventurous, are definitely committed to making life more interesting for all of those who dare. Frolicon takes place every Easter weekend at…

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