Velvet Lips | Workshops for Men
Learn how to manage your sexuality and intimacy with these informative workshops.

Workshops for Men

Sex & Companionship

Gain confidence in your abilities with this sex and intimacy workshop.
Connect with your own pleasure and emotions and from there, learn how
to connect with your lover.  Learn how to master non-verbal communication,
intimate desire and project your rapture and your solid intentions.

Be The Best Ever!

Learn how to manage your intimacy and aggression with this highly interactive workshop. We will help guide you to creating ways to attract, seduce and conquer your lover. Learn new ways to please, as well as be pleased. This innovative workshop is designed for you to become the best lover they ever had!

Manipulate Ejaculate

Have you ever had an abrupt eruption? Are you committed to your own
emission? Control your excitement and your ejaculation in this very detailed
workshop. After this, you will learn how to have better, intense orgasms and
find out how your P-spot can contribute to your overall sexual well-being.