Velvet Lips | Your F***It List (Your Sex Bucket List)
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Your F***It List (Your Sex Bucket List)


Velvet Lips Titbits are little short morsels of information that come to you at just the right time.  They are lovely little lessons for the week (and for life) that help you navigate your sexuality with super easy pieces of information to keep in mind.  Listen for details and pull out the core issues that will help you in your everyday life.

A friend of mine inspired me to write this blog because they have a goal of fucking 100 different women.  Now, they’re estimating that if they can beat their number of 6 women last year, they would be in good shape.

This reminded me that I’ve never had a list of certain people that I’d like to have sex with.  I’ve had crushes on folks and I’m very clear that I’d have sex with a celebrity (regardless of relationship status), but I’ve never made an intentional list.

However, there’s no time like the present to do it!

Here are a few rules to help you make your “fuck-it” list: