Velvet Lips | Sex Genius w/ Dr. Carol Queen
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Sex Genius w/ Dr. Carol Queen

Sex Genius

Welcome to Sex Genius!  These are short interviews with the people who live, eat and breathe sex.  These are people with creative minds and intelligent conversations that surround sex and sexuality and most of all our sexual health.

This interview was done with Dr. Carol Queen.  Her bio states that she is a writer, speaker, educator and activist with a doctorate in sexology. First as an organizer in the lesbian/gay community, where she helped found one of the first gay youth groups in the United States, and later in the emerging international bisexual community, as a sex worker and a practitioner of alternative sexualities, she typically teaches and writes from her own experiences and that of her communities even as she references academic thought on these subjects.

So listen in and retain some knowledge from this royal sex genius.