Velvet Lips | Why Velvet Lips Are Personal & Political – VL Titbit
Velvet Lips is one of Atlanta’s first sex-positive sex education venues offering classes and workshops using Somatic Sex Education and other techniques to foster personal discovery, open dialogue, and increase sexual awareness.


Why Velvet Lips Are Personal & Political – VL Titbit

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It all started when I was in the second grade. My mom was teaching me sex education because she didn’t want me to become a teenage mother like herself and go through what she went through. I never thought anything of it, especially because she talked about it every year…

Velvet Lips Titbits are little short morsels of information that come to you at just the right time. They are lovely little lessons for the week (and for life) that help you navigate your sexuality with super easy pieces of information to keep in mind. Listen for details and pull out the core issues that will help you in your everyday life.