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Workshops that are exclusively for women and how to navigate their sexuality.

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Marla is amazing! She really knows how to set the atmosphere for a constructive, fluid and informative dialogue. I walked away from her workshop with new knowledge, a better understanding and greater confidence when it came to the topic of sex.
-JW, Spelman College (Atlanta, GA)
I learned so much about my body.  We were in a safe environment where I felt comfortable to touch myself and explore my sensuality.  I’ve had better orgasms ever since!
-LS, The Sex Scholars (Atlanta, GA)


The Sex Assessment: Using Grace to Critique Your Partner

In this amazing workshop, we will be giving you the tools necessary to critique your partner without hurting their feelings. With the appropriation of grace and the somatic tools necessary to boost your partner’s ego, we will guide you in the right direction to facilitate the perfect sexual relationship. We will use role-playing, repetition and dirty talk to gracefully arouse your partner all while qualifying them as ideal sexual partners. Get ready to spark a fire and light a fire in your lover! *Voted as an Editor’s Pick in the Atlanta Journal Constitution!


The Power of Seduction

Have you ever questioned yourself on how to seduce your lover?
If so, this is the workshop for you.  Illuminate your sensual side
with suggestive movements, tones and erotic intentional energy.
Learn how to seduce your lover and get what you want!


Ignite Your Carnal Energy!

Sometimes as women, we might learn to be temptresses, but we also learn submissive ways of being that can stagnate our carnal energy. This workshop is designed to help you tap into your innate, raw, passionate vigor. You will learn to be more sexually ferocious and have your partner eager to tap into primitive, uninhibited and creative acts.


Orgasms & More…

Have you ever experienced an orgasm? Want to experience a mind-blowing orgasm or have earth-shattering multiple orgasms? This workshop is designed to help you discover how to explore your body in new ways and achieve soulful orgasms, as well as finding your G-spot!

 Bound for Zami & Sappho

Whether you are new or not to being lesbian, bisexual and/or queer, this workshop is
designed to help you foster your sexuality as you relate to your lovers. A lot of times,
lesbian/bisexual/queer women are negatively stigmatized, so this is designed to help
you overcome stigma and love like ​your desire is intended.