Velvet Lips | Touching Workshops
These sex workshops can be conducted by private facilitation or in groups.
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Touching Workshops

Although we specialize in touching workshops, we have a ton of workshops that don’t involve touching whatsoever, but are still really fun!  Some of these are lecture-style and some of these you actually will verbally practice.  We’re going straight to the good stuff as we divulge what’s on our personal agendas and seek knowledge on ways that we can strengthen our sexual skills. Our topics are designed to be thought-provoking and sexually-inspiring!

These workshops are available for private facilitation and groups.

The Art of the Sensual Kiss

Do you want to learn some new ways of kissing your lovers? Or do you want to seduce your lover with a kiss that will keep them coming back again and again? Either way, this workshop is designed to help you kiss your lover better and connect with them on a deeper level.
*No partner needed!*

Turn Me On! A Foreplay Workshop

Do you need help building up to a possible sexual experience? Are you afraid that you might not be doing the right things to turn your lover on? This workshop helps you to identify possible “sex seeds” and foster your anticipation until that sacred moment when you and your lover get together. Learn some new tips on how to develop and maintain an erotic plan that will get and keep your partner excited to be sexual with you!

Intensify Your Sexual Connection
Your workshop was absolutely amazing. My partner and I are still using the techniques learned and it has taken our sexuality to a greater level. Even more it has brought us closer together in our trust and communication. Just those few techniques have been a key to more passion and love in our relationship.
-NW, Nurse Practitioner (Charlotte, NC)

You have great sex and a great connection, but maybe there’s something else that you’re longing for. This workshop is designed to help you intensify your connection by reading verbal and non-verbal communication cues and intertwining this with what you desire in your partner(s). Learn more about creative techniques to enhance and titillate your love life! *couples or more only*

Orgasms & More
I learned so much about my body.  We were in a safe environment where I felt comfortable to touch myself and explore my sensuality.  I’ve had better orgasms ever since!
-LS, The Sex Scholars (Atlanta, GA)

Have you ever experienced an orgasm? Want to experience a mind-blowing orgasm or have earth-shattering multiple orgasms? This workshop is designed to help you discover how to explore your body in new ways and achieve soulful orgasms, as well as finding your G-spot! *For Women with Vulvas/Vaginas Only*

Healing Through Acts of Love

A session where participants will softly examine lessons from trauma and transform them into acts of love. This session will allow participants to express their vulnerabilities, find healing through sexual energy, and learn more about the transformative potential of desire. Participants will be led through embodied exercises to practice magnifying their truth in how they find and perceive love while connecting around the resilient and liberatory nature of desire.

Manifest with Masturbation

Do you want to know how you can use your sexual energy to influence the other avenues in your life?  This workshop dives deep into your richest desires, analyzes those desires, and then we practice!  We practice using our biggest sex organ and concentrate on what turns us on and use that sexual energy to masturbate to orgasm.

Excel in Outercourse!

Does the sound of sex make you a bit squeamish or do you want to try something other than penetrative sex? Are you interested in having orgasms in different ways? If you do, then this is the workshop for you! Know what it’s like to exchange sexual energy without penetration and maximize all your tools of pleasure.

Workshops range from $125-$175 and last from 1 to 2 hours.