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Velvet Lips is one of Atlanta’s first sex-positive sex education venues offering classes and workshops using Somatic Sex Education and other techniques to foster personal discovery, open dialogue, and increase sexual awareness.



Sex Advice for ALL!

Are you tired of googling sex and sexuality information, only to be inundated with so much information?  Are you tired of trying to figure out who you should trust and what information is accurate and reflective of your situation?  Do you just need some day-to-day advice or someone to point you in the right direction?

Lucky for you, TalkSexSpace© is here!  For those of you who can’t meet or don’t want to meet in person or talk on the phone, we are here to help you with your questions, thoughts, desires, and anything else you need via text!

TalkSexSpace© allows the convenience for you to text us at your convenience and we guarantee that we will respond to you within 24 hours.  If you have questions, concerns, or just want to vent, we are here to help you and give you safe, sound advice and tools to make sure that your sex life can improve.


* at your convenience * get a prompt response * takes the worry out of having to remember your issues * maintain your confidentiality * allows you to remain anonymous * choose the plan that works for your lifestyle * freedom of opening up without face-to-face contact

This is a subscription service, so that you can ensure that you will always have the access you need.  Choose the plan that works best for you!

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