Velvet Lips | Sexy Time w/ The Docs! w/ Dr. Annise Mabry
These seminars will focus on up-to-date information on sexual toys and films that will help you with your sexual health.

Sexy Time w/ The Docs! w/ Dr. Annise Mabry

These seminars will focus on up-to-date information on sexual toys and films that will help you with your sexual health. Over many years of research, Dr. Annise Mabry found that many toys and products contain harmful chemicals, which are detrimental to our sexual health. She and Marla will facilitate whatever workshop you choose to help you make the best purchases when it comes to your toys and educational films.  In addition, these workshops will teach you how to use those toys coupled with bodywork exercises to ensure maximum pleasurability. These innovative workshops will help you find your creative sexual force and invoke your true sexual potential!

You let us know which workshop you want to do and we will come to you for a special offer price!  These intimate workshops are designed for up to 7 people, but additional people will only be $15 per person.  Please contact us for additional billing details if you know that you will have more than 7 people.

Finishing Right: Perfecting Your Oral Sex Skills

This is the ultimate oral sex class.  Not only will you get to know all the physiological features, we will teach you techniques that you probably have never used before to satisfy your lover.  Choose the Penis or Vulva option to maximize the time!


The Kink In Me

An all encompassing workshop that features kink in all forms whether you’re a beginner or an expert.


G-Spot Joy

This is about everything G-Spot related!  We will introduce you to toys that trigger arousal, go over breathing exercises to awaken the tissue and introduce you to books that help facilitate you after the workshop is complete.



Tits, tits, and more tits!  We will discuss somatic techniques that you and your partner can use to get all the benefits out of breast play.  From perfecting your hand placement to nipple clamps, this is an exciting one to demonstrate.

Hanky Spanky

Do you love to get spanked or spank others?  If you do, then this is for you.  We will explore all types of spanking techniques, as well as spanking devices to help you nurture your own spanking practices.


Sex Moves For Masters

If you’ve ever felt the need to get into different positions, this workshop will help you do just that.  We will introduce you to new sex toy furniture at a majorly discounted price and get you into the positions that you will love the best!


Hot & Cold

Are you the type of person that loves variation with temperature?  We will experiment with different products that help you explore hot, cold and tingly to see how you can engage safely with temperature play.


All Tied Up

Ropes and constraints could summarize what this workshop is about.  Find all the ways you can tie up your lover to surprise them with something new!


If you’re into sensory deprivation, you’ve got to get this workshop.  From blindfolds to hoods to restraints to earplugs, we will guide you to giving your partner a new way of feeling.



From beginners to experts, this workshop will usher you into the world of playing with electricity!  That’s right!  Spark up your lovelife by sending them into pleasurable and shocking sex!


Let’s Get Visual

This workshop is for all things visual.  From sexy lingerie to other products that enhance your visual experience, this workshop is definitely for the visual seducers out there.

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