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All of our seminars feature different sexuality educators in various arenas. Check it out to see which one suits you!


Check out all the different seminars and find which ones are right for you.  There is limited seating with some of these events, so make sure to RSVP as soon as possible!  And don’t forget to check out our collaborators!


Seductive Script – Enhancing Your Erotic Writing Skills w/ Fiona Zedde

Do you have an interest in erotic writing? Have you written erotic stories or maybe you want to learn how to write them? In this seminar, we are going to extend our learning capacity and teach you how to write an awesome erotic story or poem and possibly perform them for the group! Fiona Zedde (, creator of several successful erotic novels will be there to give us some tips while Marla enhances our skills with various somatic techniques and tips. Remember to bring a journal to write in! ​​

If My Hips Could Talk! w/ Sonali Sadequee

Amongst the hundreds of things that yoga can teach us, it can also teach us how to tap into, harness, release, and balance the sexual energies of our bodies through exploring our hips. Hips and the pelvic region of the body is most associated with sexuality. Energy blockages in this area of the body can contribute to tight hips and tight leg muscles, such as hamstrings. Therefore, in this workshop, we will learn how to open our hips so that we may release tension and blockages while creating space for grounded sexual energy to flow more freely. You will also be introduced to yogic practices that enhance your body awareness and uplifts your mood so that you may enjoy your sexual experiences more.


Sexy Time w/ The Docs! w/ Dr. Annise Mabry

​These seminars will focus on up-to-date information on sexual toys and films that will help you with your sexual health. Over many years of research, Dr. Annise Mabry found that many toys and products contain harmful chemicals, which are detrimental to our sexual health. She and Marla will facilitate this workshop to help you make the best purchases when it comes to your toys and educational films. In addition, these workshops will teach you how to use those toys coupled with bodywork exercises to ensure maximum pleasurability. This innovative workshop will help you find your creative sexual force and invoke your true sexual potential!

Global Ecstasy in Food & Movement

Join Marla and Chef Anisa Lewis, as we teach and sample aphrodisiacs from around the world! You will learn about the qualities of different food, the effects that take place on the body, as well as some somatic techniques that are ultimately mesmerizing. We will talk about setting up the moment of enticement and going in for the kill. Leave with not only some knowledge about how to make these awesome aphrodisiacs, but moves that will keep your target’s body honest!

[Global Ecstasy in Food & Movement] was a wonderful experience! I am in ecstasy from the whole food and drink session.
​- DB (Atlanta, GA)

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